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Potsdam High School

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I teach two kinds of classes.  One kind has homework, the other kind has no homework.  
The classes that have homework, have homework assigned every single day of school.
The classes that have no homework----have no homework.
Classes with homework have a quiz every day.  Classes without homework have three quizzes every day.
All answers to all homework problems are distributed to all students in advance of the assignments.  This way they can have a pretty good idea, without delay, if they are understanding the material or not.
A good deal of time is set aside in each and every class, without exception, for students to ask questions regarding homework and to receive help in solving these problems.
All quizzes are graded and returned to students immediately, so all the issues can be addressed while everything is still fresh in their minds.
Exams are given periodically, several weeks apart.  The purpose of the exams is to give students a chance to demonstrate skills they have acquired over a fairly wide range of material.
email is my preferred medium of communication.  If you have any questions about your son or daughter's grades (or anything at all pertaining to your child for that matter), please don't hesitate to shoot me an message.  You will find that I'm very prompt and obliging, in terms of responding to email and only very rarely will this process not answer any question or solve any problem you may have.  In the very rare cases where the email correspondence does not have the desired effect, I am happy to schedule face-to-face meetings.  But I don't like to do business over the phone.
The experience of school and doing schoolwork should be a joyful one for kids.  I believe in this very strongly.  Because the impressions they are left with today are impressions they will take with them for the rest of their lives.  And a kid who likes school will continue with school, will become of lover or learning for life.  This is or should be our main goal, in my opinion.  So putting joy into schoolwork is my number one priority, and I do everything I can to make it this way.