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Potsdam High School

Mr. Marc Derouchie » Physics Syllabus

Physics Syllabus

REGENTS PHYSICS                                                  MR. DEROUCHIE

R00M 823




         5 class meetings/week

         2-3 laboratory sessions/week


Course Outline:

  1. Introduction:  Graphing, Significant Figures, Measurement, Unit Conversions.
  2. Mechanics:  Kinematics in One and Two-Dimensions, Dynamics, Circular Motion, Work &                       Energy, Linear Momentum.
  3. Wave Phenomena:  Vibrations and Waves, Sound, Light, Geometric Optics.
  4. Electricity and Magnetism:  Electric Charge, Electric Field, Electric Currents, DC Circuits,                       Magnetism.
  5. Modern Physics:  Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Elementary Particles.



         A student must meet the attendance policy of the school and will be held responsible for all material covered in his/her absence.



Notes and Notebooks

         A student is expected to report to each class prepared to take notes.  Although notebooks will not be collected and graded, it is imperative that each student have copies of notes, handouts, homework and laboratory outlines available DAILY as well as for review and test purposes.



         Homework will be assigned on a regular basis.  ALL homework must be completed by each student.  Homework will be graded (100, 50, 0) and correct answers will be made available to the student.



         Each student will be required to complete ALL laboratory work and submit a written report of this work.  Such reports will be retained by the instructor as required by state law.



         Quizzes will be given approximately bi-weekly.  Unit tests will be given at the end of each unit of study.  Each quiz will be considered as a single grade and each unit test will be considered as two grades.  Opportunities for reassessment may be made available, provided that the homework was completed and test corrections/supplemental work was done satisfactorily.


         Prior notice will be given of the dates and times of all tests and quizzes.



         Grades will be determined by lab (10%) homework (10%) and test and quiz average (80%).  Students having incomplete homework assignments or incomplete laboratory reports will receive an incomplete.  Missing laboratory reports will make the student ineligible to take the Physics Regents Examination in June.