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Welcome to Señorita Preston's Spanish classes.  I have been teaching here at Potsdam Central since September of 1981.  I teach all four levels of Spanish.
The expectations and grading policy for Spanish 1, 2 and 3 are very similar.
Rules:  Arrive promptly.      Come prepared.      Participate/stay on task.
Grading Policy:
     Quizzes: 40%          Classwork, homework, speaking Spanish:  30%          Unit tests:  30%
In Spanish 1, students are expected to retake any failed quizzes until they have a passing grade.
Students in all levels of Spanish are strongly encouraged to retake any quizzes on which the grade is not to their liking.  There are usually two possible after school days for each makeup.  Most makeups are oral, not written.  The grammar quizzes usually have a written retake option that involves using notes from the notebook, top grade of 80.
Notebooks are required in Levels 1,2 and 3. Notebooks are collected when unit tests are given.  The student's acceptable notebook is her/her ticket to having the test graded.
I am available after school or during my study hall (Period 8) to help students who need extra help.  Students are expected to sign up for times to see me.
Students currently enrolled in Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 have an online component to their course materials. They can access their accounts at This provides them with a digital copy of the textbook and the student supplementary materials, including the vocabulary lists.
Spanish 4 is a bit different.  Speaking Spanish becomes a much bigger part of the grade.
Grading Policy:
     Tests, writing and quizzes: 50%               Speaking Spanish:  50%